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CtJust give me one thing I can play for. EyDisco boys on bicycles. FcSo what if too many times we have been here, both
lost in our machinations...
ScPoetic Retrospective WrThe Weather votes for Kelly Clarkson.
Criticism. Essay. Fiction. Science. Weather.
90ways Campaign Team
            • Attack ad.
Adeline Goss
            • Analyzing the use of the CT scan in the Terri Schiavo case.
Aidan Flaherty
            • The relationship between Martin Heidegger and Snakes on a Plane, part 1.
            • The relationship between Martin Heidegger and Snakes on a Plane, part 2.
            • Curtis Hanson's ability to transcend genre and build characters.
            • The discreet charm of the protagonist of television's Dexter.
Alex Reisner
            • Photographs of South Dakota.
            • Photographs of South Dakota.
Amanda Tubbs
            • Three poems.
            • Tales of experience from the world of word of mouth marketing.
Antonio Hopson
            • The background and dangers of Lahars.
Ben Heasly
            • A cultural comparison between chimps and humans.
            • The challenges and historical misadventure of unmanned space exploration.
            • Review of Revenge of the Sith musical score.
            • Creating, understanding, and seeing Magic Eye pictures.
            • Analysis of a sleep study.
            • Why Intelligent Design, whatever else it is, is not science.
            • In defense of Google Bombing.
            • Ingenuity in the face of roughly one quarter of a cubic kilometer of lava.
            • A call for music incorporating orchestras and organs.
            • Looking at the ups and downs of nuclear energy.
            • A videographic look into climate change.
            • An assessment of North Korea's nuclear test.
            • Crustacean bullies and their effect on fishery predictions.
            • Quantum mechanics, flash drives, and the future.
            • Whiskey reviews set to Schumann symphonies.
            • Whiskey reviews set to Schumann symphonies.
Brian J. Flanagan
            • Chance and hidden variables in modern physics.
Brian O'Neill
            • How Bionic Eyes might cure the blind.
            • Is cloned beef really safe for consumption?
Brooke Budner
            • Photographs.
            • Song.
Bryan Clark
            • Three poems.
            • Short short.
Bryan J. Maloney
            • Impassioned defense of Indiana's reluctance to adopt Daylight Saving Time.
Carter Romansky
            • The story of the civil rights movement as told by two prominent monuments.
            • Ohio: a tale of 2004's swingingest of swing states as told through popular music.
            • Mirror neurons and unrequited love: a match made in heaven.
            • How enterprises can - and must - seek to maxamize social, economic, and environmental returns.
            • The potential of Solar powered flight.
            • The good things about the Tour de France that got neglected in favor of Lance.
            • An examination of market-based mechanism to spur global economic development
            • Comparison of two buildings and their ecological ethics, part 1.
            • Comparison of two buildings and their ecological ethics, part 2.
            • The water flooding New Orleans comes not just from Katrina, but from over 40 percent of the Lower 48.
            • A discussion of the rise of Muslim democracy in Turkey.
            • A look at Turkey's economic and human rights reforms in the face of EU accession talks.
            • An explanation of the evolutionary advantage of bright fall foliage.
            • A discussion of Thoreau as an economist and the implications for contemporary nonprofit work.
            • Nine haikus about the World Series.
            • An examination of one thing Detroit and San Jose have in common.
            • Two pictures of the same water buffalo.
            • Examination of the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize Lecture.
            • Convincing rant against excessively large physics experiments.
            • Extension of the Free Tibet discssion to the topic of religion in government.
            • Why the UAE non-story became a story.
            • Description of Al Jazeera International.
            • Discussion of the ads appearing on
            • The biology of narcissism.
            • An explanation of where our Unemployment statistic comes from.
            • An explanation of where our GPI statistic comes from.
            • A 90word eulogy.
            • Review of the Peruvian presidential run-off.
            • Beginning discussion of the way China is globalizing America.
            • Tour de France Preview.
            • An explanation of where the Gini Coefficient comes from.
            • Review of the Tour de France and the subsequent Tour de Floyd Landis' epitestosterone levels.
            • Explanation of where our fuel economy statistic comes from.
            • Reminder of fundamental systems left unquestioned one year after Katrina.
            • Pre-roadtrip briefing on Kenya.
            • A story about economic systems and norms.
            • One last story about economic exchange in Kenya.
            • Explanation of several baseball statistics.
            • Discussion of the report issued by the Brown University Committee on Slavery and Justice.
            • Description of various reactions to the ubiquity of Halloween.
            • Dissection of the Saddam Hussein conviction for crimes against humanity.
            • Discussion of the role of the MA state Legislature in the same-sex marriage debate.
            • A brief history of the many who founded the Polar Bear Club of Coney Island.
            • The Federal definition of Left Behind.
            • Explanation of American tax flows.
            • Discussion of a new frontier in agriculture.
            • A way around the pitfalls of the term social entrepreneur.
            • Discussion of the benefits of being small.
            • Trends to watch in the 2007 season.
Cassimer Gustafson
            • A look at the feast in your backyard.
Cassimer Gustafson
            • Attachment Parenting through the eyes of a nanny.
            • The rebuttal to the response to "Parenting with Oxytocin."
            • A look at the Leakey family and some of their finds.
            • Ethnography through time.
            • Some sound reasons for the paleo diet.
Charles Badley
            • Critique of "Bumster."
            • Critique of "Chartbuster."
            • Short essay on the house wren.
            • Short essay on the Rhinoceros.
            • Critique of "Girlf."
            • Short essay on the oyster.
            • On Dr. Hwang's emrbyo-cloning hoax.
            • A short essay on the Earwig.
            • A short essay on the wolf.
            • On the Terri Schiavo hoax.
            • An assessment of what would happen if we abolished taxes.
            • Critique of "Fabbo."
            • A look at Ann Coulter through the lens of crazy street people.
            • Solution to auto-based air pollution.
            • Why America should stick to torturing its prisoners.
            • A chronicle of problems with the Amish.
            • Critique of "Bad-talk."
Christopher A. Kelly
            • Short Story.
Christopher O'Brien
            • Short story.
Daniel Heil
            • A 90word story.
Daniel Senter
            • Discusses the implications of deregulation on the music industry.
            • A discussion of the benefits of treating the airwaves as a public commons.
            • Discussion of podcasting.
            • A history of electronic music.
Daniela Gesundheit
            • Poems
Darusha Wehm
            • Space exploration turns into a private venture.
            • Reviewing the new USDA food pyramid.
            • Why cyborgs are as much reality as science fiction.
            • The promise of Biodiesel.
            • How vital is global warming in the green energy debate?
            • The ermerging understanding of rogue waves.
            • A summary of emerging agriculture technologies.
            • The potential of the Barcode of Life project.
            • Short Screenplay.
David Krakow
            • Nonsexual life partnership: it's neither gay nor marraige.
            • The dangers of planning urban development via sites on a map.
            • A response to "Parenting with Oxytocin."
            • Overcoming the difficulties of short term teaching.
David Myers
            • How theater helps us understand the dichotomy of life.
            • Short story. Out of the box.
            • Critique of "Crap ton."
            • A 90word explanation.
            • Poem.
David Winstanley
            • Critique of "Chav."
            • Review of the movie Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
            • The glory of movie trailers. Even for bad movies.
            • Critique of "ASBO."
            • Casino Royale restores one movie-goer's faith in the Bond franchise.
El Nino & The Southern Oscillations
            • A Song
Eli S. Evans
            • The narrative arc and a judgement on Michael Jackson.
            • Personal essay about teaching in Spain and living in New York, part 1.
            • Personal essay about teaching in Spain and living in New York, part 2.
            • A discussion of belonging, part 1.
            • A discussion of belonging, part 2.
            • Personal essay about poverty at the laundromat, part 1.
            • Personal essay about poverty at the laundromat, part 2.
            • Preparation for a critical discussion of Archie comic books.
            • Critical discussion of Archie comic books.
            • Critique of an ad for diamonds.
            • On taking the train and the worth of dirt.
Elisabeth Divis
            • An account of collective mentality in translation.
            • New growth brings new neighbors to the hood.
Ellen Siobhan Mitchell
            • A personal narrative about genetic ambiguity.
            • A discussion of death, and the need thereof.
            • Ecstasy use has its ups and downs.
            • Ritalin use from the perspective of a neuroscience researcher.
            • The grant process from someone on the inside.
            • A personal account of a scientific job hunt.
Ellery Biddle
            • Personal essay on bus travel in Cuba.
            • First-hand account of the spreading of Azucena Villaflor de Devencenti's ashes.
            • Essay on the consumptive nature of traveling abroad.
            • Political description of Buenos Aires' School of Architecture and Urban Design.
            • On getting famous Wall Drug-style: free water, fresh donuts, and foreign labor on the cheap.
Elyne Kahn
            • Examination of FEMA's woeful evacuee housing solution in Louisiana.
Emily Clarke-Pearson
            • Paintings, watercolor on paper.
Erica Ray
            • Short story.
            • Short story
Esperanza Groom
            • Three photographs.
Eva Kaplan
            • Shortcomings of the charity bracelet phenomenon.
            • The pros and cons of Gmail's advertising.
            • A comparison of the ways in which we handle disasters.
Friends of 90
            • Panic! at the 90
Gabriel Caplan
            • Short story.
            • Short Story.
Gloria and Simon
            • Podcast from two NYC Starbucks baristas, episode 1.
            • Podcast from two NYC Starbucks baristas, episode 2.
            • Podcast from two NYC Starbucks baristas, episode 3.
            • Podcast from two NYC Starbucks baristas, episode 4.
            • Podcast from two NYC Starbucks baristas, episode 5.
            • Podcast from two NYC Starbucks baristas, episode 6.
            • Podcast from two NYC Starbucks baristas, episode 7.
            • A 90word poem.
Greg Carbone
            • Discussion of anti-administration heckling in the wake of Katrina.
Hannah Jacobs
            • Poem.
Hilary Gerson
            • Excoriation of the lazy way we think and talk about Africa.
Holly McBain
            • For the death penalty.
Ian McAlpin
            • A brief history of the birth of science.
            • Some of the creatures of lore, fiction, and invention.
            • The occult and early photography, a match made in hell.
            • The occult and early photography, a match made in hell.
Jack Rusley
            • Contemplation of the value of medical school.
Jason Raymond
            • Critique of "Hella."
            • Critique of "Chindia."
Jessica Breland
            • The possible benefits of alcohol on the heart.
John Flynn-York
            • Short story.
            • Poem.
            • a piece of experimental fiction.
            • Three poems.
            • Short Story.
            • A poem.
            • A poem.
Jonathan Moncrief
            • A look at week four in the NFL.
            • A look at the week in the NFL.
Josh Cook
            • America's unhealthy relationship with oil.
            • Review of Sean Carrol's Endless Forms Most Beautiful.
Josh Nugent
            • Some hectoring on the topic of energy overindulgence.
            • Some hectoring on the topic of energy overindulgence, part 2.
Josh Shulruff
            • The culture of life and division of labor in political morality.
            • Lessons learned while watching the NBA Finals.
            • Review of the album Pure Religion.
Joshua Nugent
            • Review of the album Na Rua, Na Chuva, Na Fazenda.
Joshua W. Jackson
            • Lebowski Fest West reveals some things about referential humor.
            • Chewing gum preferences.
            • Review of the game Avoid-A-Bob.
            • What's wrong with the gaming industry.
            • Short play.
            • The psychological crises of A-Rod and Yankees fans.
            • A vote against ripping out body hair to wake up.
            • Monologue.
            • Investigatory dialogue.
            • Against "Merry Christmas."
            • Critique of "Bagelry."
            • Against fiction in memoirs.
            • Who Jimmy Rollins is and what gets attention in baseball.
            • Analysis of China's horrid showing at the World Baseball Classic.
            • Canada steals one in the World Baseball Classic.
            • Review of the HBO Series.
            • Steroids have stolen the limelight from baseball.
            • Ken Griffey, Jr. continues to play sound baseball.
            • Baseball's old-timers still got it.
            • The wretched country music tie-in at
            • Discussion of some broadcast booth blunders.
            • How Roger Clemens better make all the suspense worth it.
            • From the annals of bad teams doing good things strangely.
            • Critique of "I-Swear-I-Deserved-The-MVP-itis."
            • A close look at a helps-you-fall-asleep game.
            • Review of the album Funeral.
            • Lament for a pretty sweet friendship lost.
            • The virtues of the puzzle-crazy.
Joshua W. Jackson and Sergio Sandino
            • The premiere installment of 90ways' illustralogue, The Family Tate.
            • The second installment of 90ways' illustralogue, The Family Tate.
            • The third installment of 90ways' illustralogue, The Family Tate.
            • The fourth installment of 90ways' illustralogue, The Family Tate.
            • The fifth installment of 90ways' illustralogue, The Family Tate.
Judson Merrill
            • Masculinity and the word "fact" in advertising.
            • The biological model of the Internet.
            • Accepting holidays because we get to drink.
            • Review of Family Guy and American Dad!
            • The power and political influence of California's prison guard union.
            • Advertising repetition applied to celebrity naming.
            • Permission slip.
            • Review of Vanity Fair's Deep Throat article.
            • The similarities between the advertising for Fantastic Four and the local news.
            • The Corporate-State is replacing the Nation-State as the world's dominant organizing framework, part 1
            • Review of the Boston Celtics Message Board.
            • The Corporate-State is replacing the Nation-State as the world's dominant organizing framework, part 2.
            • Introduction to 90ways' D-T-V movie reviews.
            • Discussion of cartoon premises and why they might seem tired.
            • Helpful hints for dealing with Administrative Types.
            • The economic and biological consequences of Red Tide.
            • Sanitizing and rebuilding the Big Easy, corporate cowboy style.
            • Short Scene.
            • Denouncement of the New York Times' Times Select.
            • Praise for the advertisements on Cartoon Network's [adult swim].
            • Concerned monologue.
            • Review of the D-T-V movie The Park.
            • Cover letter with clips.
            • Unease over the vague words used to discuss weather.
            • Critique of "Emoticon."
            • The bad rap on DST.
            • Probing Hollywood's popular properties.
            • Letter to Wanda.
            • How successful comedians are eulogized before they die.
            • Foreword from a scholarly work on the history of the alphabet.
            • In defense of "Merry Christmas."
            • Critique of "Posterize."
            • About returning to work.
            • The charm of stunted branches on technological trees.
            • In favor of fiction in memoirs.
            • Rememberance of strong Executives past.
            • Interrogative story ideas.
            • Steering the new news outlets toward Dubai.
            • Short story.
            • Critique of the performers in the latest Bill O'Reilly farce.
            • Collection of thoughts prompted by the live-action Simpsons intro.
            • Definitions of phrases.
            • Life in the intertidal zone epitomizes what's really interesting about Darwin's work.
            • Review of the online magazine
            • Why XHTML is a good thing.
            • Review of the new look of
            • The NBA's approach to the playoffs is quantity over quality.
            • Reflections on reflections on a screenplay.
            • The Cornell Image Committee is caught up in rankings.
            • Review of the D-T-DVD movie Be Still.
            • Skepticism over the American release of a Zarqawi blooper reel.
            • Meeting minutes.
            • The desire for expensive movies to open big.
            • Excerpt from a short story.
            • Discussion of the defense's claims about the word Nigger in the Nicholas Minucci trial.
            • The advertising industry lamely tries to co-opt anime.
            • The luxury SUV market. For toddlers.
            • Al Gore's publicity and market-driven solutions have a whiff of disappointment.
            • An interview with the Internet.
            • A call to get rid of the US penny.
            • Notes on changing commercial possibilities for artists.
            • An online dating exchange between people looking for different things.
            • A procession of vendors at a baseball game.
            • Short play about Nero operating on his mother.
            • The Intersate Highway System as American monument.
            • Notes from four motels in Oklahoma, Colorado, and Nevada.
            • Transcript of a political speech regarding a pastrami sandwich.
            • Two minor observations (on fast food and time zones) from the road.
            • The hopeful things about NBC's fall line up.
            • Sketch.
            • Critique of "Islamofascism."
            • Unsentimental look at the teevee show Dallas.
            • The rise and fall of bloodletting.
            • The expectations of holidays and New Year's Eve in particular.
            • Series of letters from a drug study.
            • Critique of "Real."
            • Critique of "Big."
            • Against the death penalty.
            • Race in the American political discussion.
            • The NBA's poor problem solving and what it should do about tanking.
Justin Carroll
            • Disappointment over movie posters becoming book covers.
            • The effect music videos have on songs.
Justin Wyckoff and John Flynn-York
            • A Sculptural Investigation of the Death Penalty.
Justin Z. Wyckoff
            • Poem.
K. Keenan
            • Confessions (and explanations) of golf love.
Kerry Smith
            • Character study with pictures.
            • Photographs.
Lindsey Morrison Grant
            • A 90word essay.
Little Billy Undecided
            • Why I respect my dad the Undecided Voter.
Louisa Lombard
            • A first-hand account of order and peace in Somalia
            • A discussion of property rights in the context of international development and holiday shopping.
M. C. Wood
            • Pitch for Death Equity.
            • The language we use to talk about, and value, life and death.
            • The philosophical justification of the death penalty.
Matt Stewart
            • Short story.
Matthew Fisher
            • Review of the D-T-V movie Direct Action.
            • Review of the D-T-DVD movie Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet.
            • Review of the D-T-DVD movie The Gingerdead Man.
            • Review of the D-T-DVD movie Little Fish.
            • Unsentimental look at the teevee show Punky Brewster.
            • Unsentimental look at the teevee show The Rockford Files.
Matthew Quezada
            • Report on the mood of the Korowai People of Papua New Guinea.
Megan Hall and Andrew Oesch
            • Mission statement for experiencing city and radio on a bicycle.
Michael Clarke-Pearson
            • The genetic dogma-smashing implications of the hothead article.
            • How it came to pass that we have the term "dwarf planet."
            • The voodoo magic of crystallography.
            • Just how much we don't know about protein folding. And what we can do about it.
            • PCR could be the hammer of immunity.
Mick Mize
            • Photographs.
Naama Kates
            • Modern memoir-genres have cashed in and become less probing.
            • Brother-sister email exchange.
            • Gender dynamics on the road to an acting career.
Nicole Miller
            • Photographs of immigrant workers.
Ollie Rasini
            • A 90word reflection on NYC.
Oona Flaherty
            • A 90word lament.
Paul Gacioch
            • Part 1 of a 90word serial.
            • Part 2 of a 90word serial.
            • Part 3 of a 90word serial.
            • Part 4 of a 90word serial.
            • A 90 word serial, completed.
Peter Forham
            • A few cool things about ice and what it would be like to skate on the moon.
            • A call for society to respect nonprofit work as a profession.
            • Stream of consciousness left to the mercy of the digital age.
            • A story about the manipulation of nature.
            • Discussion of loons and the fall.
            • Discussion of the architectural beauty of biological systems.
Rachel Eagle Reiter
            • Poem.
            • A poem about science.
            • Some personal thoughts on herbal remedies.
            • Poetry.
            • Homeopathy, lyrically.
            • Α or Ω
            • What there was in the beginning.
            • A poetic celebration of neurodiversity.
            • A poem about science.
Robert Fitzroy
            • Stickers for your bible! Print them out and give them to your friends!
Robert Hartzell
            • Critique of "-Centric."
Robert Klein
            • Critique of "OMG."
Robert Louis Stevenson
            • Reflection and images from an Internet performance piece.
Robert Regan
            • On Edgar Allen Poe's Balloon Hoax.
S. Elizabeth Deiwert
            • Short Story.
Sam Posner
            • The uber-efficient energy transfer of Photosynthesis.
            • A political history of the stem cell debate.
            • Review of Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner.
            • Wastewater treatment coupled to energy creation.
            • Insulin's role in the causes of Type I diabetes.
            • The discovery of a new family of rodents...being sold as food in Laos.
            • A review of four foods modified to suit human idiosyncracies.
            • Recent discoveries in the field of Sex Science.
            • Understanding energy transfer through the Tour de France.
            • Analyzing ecstasy's effect on Parkinson's and Italian Cocaine use.
            • Musings on the current state of Genetics and the discovery of mamalian transposable element piggyBac
            • Squinting at some recent developments in nanotechnology.
            • Background on the bacteria contaminating the New Orleans floodwaters.
            • Album leaking in the world of digital music.
            • A Look back at the global SARS scare.
            • An explanation of the Mpemba Effect
            • A short trip up and down the Colorado Rockies.
            • A donut analogy for the cellular secretory pathway.
            • A review of the $100 laptop.
            • Debunking the turkey/tryptophan myth.
            • The discovery of a skin tone gene.
            • The genesis of champagne bubbles.
            • A new method for cancer detection.
            • A brief update on some new planets, near and far.
            • A review of Bodies...The Exhibition.
            • Radio piece about touring the Broad Institute, part 1
            • Radio piece about touring the Broad Institute, part 2
            • The fundamental goal of 90ways science.
            • A review of the Darwin exhibition at the Museum of Natural History.
            • A personal essay about an illuminating journey through the Grand Canyon.
            • The next step in sustainable farming may be to the past.
            • The three drugs of death.
            • The completion of the Monkey genome opens doors for genetics.
Sara Schieron
            • Review of the D-T-V movie Shallow Ground.
            • Review of the D-T-V movie Blood Angels.
            • Review of the D-T-V movie Urban Legends: Bloody Mary.
            • The irony of Hallow's Eve being celebrated with pirate outfits and candy.
            • Review of the D-T-DVD movie the Wickeds.
            • Review of the D-T-DVD movie Ice Queen.
Sara-Lee Primo
            • Analysis of speed dating.
Sarah Gustafson
            • A quick look at what saving seeds can do.
Sarah Mehta
            • An American woman traveling in Iran and her account of America's image there.
Schuyler Dunlap
            • Poems.
Scott Mastro
            • Short Story.
            • Short Story.
Seth Dutcher
            • A 90word poem.
Seth James Dutcher
            • New spring fashion lines and what any of them have to do with you.
            • An open letter to Congress advocating the incorporation of the United States.
            • Field report from the world of toddlers and anxious parents.
            • Against Google Bombing.
            • An introduction to the Aquatic Ape Theory.
            • Recounting of an odd exchange of paper products.
            • A personal exploration of migraines.
            • The poetry of general relativity.
            • An ode to STS-90.
            • A brief look at ice plant.
            • Thor has a metal. And now a poem.
            • What stage lighting was, is, and could be.
            • The poetry of general relativity.
Shaun L. Kelly
            • An old school appreciation of a legendary Red Sox broadcaster, part 1.
            • An old school appreciation of a legendary Red Sox broadcaster, part 2.
Shayne Hansen
            • Two Poems.
            • Taking airline pilots down a few pegs.
            • Two poems.
Sonja Drimmer
            • Lament for the golden days of film dialogue.
            • Why time travel would not live up to the hype.
            • How to make friends by quoting media.
            • How to make your own slogan t-shirt.
            • How iPods transcend object and become identity.
            • How 9/11 steel makes war and destruction begets destruction.
            • Critique of proper nouns.
Spencer T. Campbell
            • Short story/screenplay.
Tess Lynch
            • Short story, part 1.
            • Short story, part 2.
            • Poem.
            • Poem.
            • A poem.
The Committee to Preserve 90
            • 90 out and about in the world.
The Committee to Re-Elect 90
            • 90 on the outside.
The Double Belly Boys
            • An album.
The Moves
            • Music video rolling on 26-inch rims.
Tim Hofmann
            • Nine-piece collage series.
Tom Rendall
            • The might of the US Military: up close and personal.
Tyler Watts
            • A prose poem.
Umang Kumar
            • Critique of "Blogosphere."
            • Critique of "Rebrand."
            • Critique of "Dooce."
Uncle 90
            • 90 cuts loose.
Wes Romansky
            • Four poems.
Witney Seibold
            • On the Amityville Horror hoax.
            • On the Gallagher Too hoax.
            • On the Knox Riot hoax.
Young Dennis Wolf
            • Incomplete novel.